GAT-Ship is the largest independent software provider for ship management and operations. Our goal is for our customers to have the best and most comprehensive tools available to ensure their success.

Our software gives you the the best opportunity to optimize and improve your business.

What we offer

GAT-Ship offer you tailor-made software, perfectly suited for management and execution of all tasks in a ship agency.

Software developed by agents, for agents
Manage all tasks centrally on an easy to use desktop. You get maximum transparency of all data in real time, for port calls of any kind. The application is developed for ship agencies of any size.

Workflow optimisation
The software is safely and easy installed in your environment. Higher efficiency is achieved by multiple use of data in documents and emails. You generate documents such as PDA, FDA, SOF, BsL, etc with the touch of a button. You have easy access to any kind of analysis and reports.

Complete service
You get more than a great software solution. Our dedicated team works hard every day to provide our customers with the best solutions to their challenges.

Continuous development
Our software has been developed continuously since 1995 and we have employees with more than 25 years experience within ship agency operation and management.
We are driven by customer requirements and the benefit to all users. Our customers can be a part of the development process and lead to new ideas being implemented.

Contact persons

Maryanne Kirkemoen Slette

Maryanne leads the GAT-Ship team and is one of the owners, and has worked in the company since 1995.

Dag Klovholt
Customer Relationship Manager

Dag has worked in the company since 2010 and is responsible for our sales and customer relationship activities.
He has background as a ship agent and has more than 19 years experience in agency operation on management level.

Amund Haldorsen
Product Manager

Amund is our product manager and is one of our owners and co founders, working with port call software since 1995 and as a part of GAT-Ship since 2020.

Mike Skånvik
Development and Application Manager

Mike is the application architect and leads the software development team. He has worked with GAT-Ship since 2000.

Terje Skaug
Customer Success Manager

Terje is responsible for support and customer training. He has worked with GAT-Ship since 2002.

About GAT-Ship

The software was developed by Gatsoft AS in 1995. GAT-Ship AS became a seperate privat limited company in 2005.
From our office in Porsgrunn, Norway, we cover management, development, support, sales and marketing worldwide.