The GAT-Ship port call software is a well proven program specifically tailored for all planning, management and documentation operations for ship agents.

Our user-friendly port call software reduces time consuming tasks to a minimum by implementing standardized computer procedures. Information is entered only once to cover various documents and figures regarding the actual port call taking place. Handling of documents becomes easier and far more reliable.

The program also includes an overview of reports, statistics and business activities.

Important features in the GAT-Ship software

Operational overview

With an easily accessible whiteboard that keeps control of the port call.

Operational tasks

Have control of all tasks and data related to port calls.


Manage the entire economic process. From PDA, budgeted expenses, to FDA.

Web module

The web module can be used by sub agents to update port calls (in GAT-ship).

Documents / Email

Quickly generate documents and emails based on data input.