Who is GAT-Ship best suited for?

GAT-Ship can be used by agencies of all sizes. However, we recommend a volume of minimum
300-500 port calls per year or more to maximize the benefits of using GAT-Ship. We have clients ranging from companies with small volumes to companies with offices worldwide.

What does GAT-Ship cost, and what does it include?

Our customers pay for each new port call they create, and the price depends on the volume they purchase. Normally our clients purchase volume for approximately a year. Rebates are given based on purchased volume. Setup, installation, support and updated versions of the software (when available) is included.

Can GAT-Ship be used on web, tablets and smartphones?

GAT-Ship is not web based, but we have a web module which can be accessed on any device connected to the internet. Tablets and laptops recommended.

Is it possible to send email from GAT-Ship?

GAT-Ship uses Microsoft Outlook for email management, but can also be integrated with Mark5.

What kind of training do you offer?

Years of experience have learned us that personal face-to-face training gives the best result for our users.

Is GAT-Ship a “Plug and play” software?

No, GAT-Ship is not shelfware. We customize and tailor the database for each client’s individual needs, followed by a 3-days training course.

What are the requirements to run GAT-Ship?

GAT-Ship requires Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or newer as database server (SQL Express is free of charge).

Can GAT-Ship be integrated with our accounting program?

We provide a utility to import and export data in the GAT-Ship database. This tool allows for some standard import/export formats. If these formats are unsuitable for the client’s need, we can create a customized import/export job for a fee.